The Talent Dynamics Career Assessment Tool for Young People

An Assessment tool supporting Young People to make Career and study choices, identify their natural gifts, and develop confidence and self esteem.

Created by Roger James Hamilton, Talent Dynamics  is an extension of Wealth Dynamics – a unique personality profiling system for entrepreneurs and leaders, currently used with great success worldwide. Whilst standard Talent Dynamics was developed for and geared to corporate companies, the same highly successful profiling principles have now been re-tailored to meet the specific needs of young people

Talent Dynamics for Young People (TDYP) is an international assessment tool supporting Young People in career and study choices.  The assessment tool is an adaption of the Talent Dynamics assessment that is used globally for adults in job interviews, HR management and  career development.  Talent Dynamics is the latest generation of career and workplace assessments, specifically designed for the modern work and career dynamic.

Modern recruitment and career development strategies are very different to a decade ago.  Career paths are far more dynamic, flexible, mobile and subject to change and innovation.  Hiring patterns are changing, with a greater emphasis on short to medium placements, and an expectation that staff will change roles at least every few years, even if they remain within the same company. Young people starting careers, and those seeking to employ them, have a greater emphasis on value driven work – work that is significant, aligned with the person’s passion and interests, and likely to make the job seeker happy and ‘in flow’, ensuring an overall company culture of work satisfaction and well being.

In choosing appropriate career and study options, it has become vital that Young People are able to recognize, understand and articulate their natural work related ‘flow’ profile.  This profile will provide insights into the type of activities and roles that the individual is ideally suited for using their natural strengths, and that will lead to a career of fulfillment, excitement and happiness.


Who is Talent Dynamics for Young People Aimed at?

Talent Dynamics is for Young People from the age of 13 to 23 and has endless applications.

It is particularly relevant to:

  • Parents who want to ensure their child chooses a career path which will suit them best.
  • Those who want to see their child grow in confidence and self-worth.
  • Young people feeling like square pegs in round holes trying to find where they really fit in.
  • Young people who are looking for a clear sense of direction at any point of their journey whether in school, moving to college or already in the workplace.
  • Youth coaches – this is an ideal and hugely powerful coaching tool to add to your skill-set.
  • Organisations and schools working with young people to develop confidence and direction.


What is the Talent Dynamics for Young People Assessment Process?

The TDYP Assessment process includes an online Assessment, and a 1-2-1 debrief session with a TDYP Accredited Consultant.  Parents may choose to be present if you and your child prefer.  The Online Assessment Report will be immediately available for download once the assessment test is completed online, and will be used in the debrief.

The report will:

  • Show them what their natural talents are, their strengths, where they get to shine.
  • Give them an awareness of the value they can bring to a group or team.
  • Offer a clear direction to help them make decisions as to their next steps.
  • Make them aware of the very specific and individual talents they would bring to a career path and future roles.
  • Help them deal with future interview questions on their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Be of huge practical assistance as they prepare their first CV.

South Africas best career univeristy (Gordon Institute of Business Science) keeps asking us to present to school graduates!

Talent Dynamics was the key note presenter at the Gibs University Career expo for both 2015 and 2016.

And because of the demand, for 2017 as well!



Talent Dynamics for Young People reminds young people how truly special and unique they are.  It is the only personality assessment I’ve come across that doesn’t only teach young people about who they are, but also teaches them how to use that knowledge to make the right career choices, improve their study methods, choose the right institution to study at and build a strong team of people to support them along the way.


—Khanya Matlala,InnerLifeSkills (ILS) Youth Career Coach and Trainer

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“How would your life have turned out differently if you had had a personality quiz as a teenager? A quiz that told you what your innate strengths were, the value you bring to others, your unique gifts and why it was great to be you?

Do you think your next few years would have been easier?

As parents we are continuously looking to bring the best out of our children.  We want them to thrive, be confident, have self-worth, find their talents and  guide them on the right path.  This can at times be quite a daunting task.  Talent Dynamics for Young People has been specifically created to assist us as parents,to support our children in achieving just that.”  Rene Venter, CEO T.D.Y.P. South Africa