About Talent Dynamics for Young People

What becomes possible when South Africa's young people are in flow

Talent Dynamics for Young People is a unique personality profiling system for children, teenagers and students.  Talent Dynamics for business enterprises, entrepreneurs and leaders is currently used with great success worldwide. Whilst standard Talent Dynamics was developed for and geared to corporate companies, the same highly successful profiling principles have now been re-tailored to meet the specific needs of young people.

Talent Dynamics for Young people was started by Rene Venter,  a professional, entrepreneur, life coach and mother. Serial entrepreneur Linden Booth, a dynamic Executive Coach and Personal Development Facilitator is Rene’s business partner who supports her to stay in touch with her natural talents and to keep her in her flow!

Services adding value to our clients:

Profile Test and Debrief: Young people gain insight and understanding into their most natural activities at school and in life keeping them focused to stay in flow through the Talent Dynamics Profile Test and debrief sessions.

Taster Sessions and Workshops: Youth teams gain an in-depth understanding of team members’ strengths and operating styles, which can improve team dynamics and performance, unblock flow, and increase productivity.

One-day Programs: Youth organisations and schools can access profiling and customised programs for their students and youth teams, which leads to increased productivity, understanding, confidence and self-worth in our young people.

Training and business opportunities: We provide Talent Dynamics for Young People Flow Consultant and Performance Consultant training across South Africa. This is a ground-floor opportunity to add these services to your youth coaching or consultancy toolkit and to your schools niche offering to its learners. This training also ideally suits people working with young people, team leadership and in career guidance.