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Coach K on Talent Dynamics for Young People.

Education is the ultimate key to life and career success and you won’t catch me arguing with that truth in this lifetime. My parents drilled that into my head a long time ago and I’m sure yours did too. But from my experience in the working world, having a good education alone is no longer enough.

Transforming Teen Talent through Trust.

The biggest challenge that young people face today is that they have low self-confidence and cannot see their worth to an employer or, they have so many options and opportunities that they have no clear vision and are confused about the jobs or careers that would suit them best.

The “hidden talent” remains hidden because our young people are never taught what their natural gifts and talents are and why they are so crucial to a fulfilled life.

How to find Your Flow.

Why is it important to find your Element? The most important reason is personal. Finding your Element is vital to understanding who you are and what you’re capable of being and doing with your life.

How to Prepare our Young People for the New World of Work

The world of work has changed dramatically. Most of today’s youth are likely to experience an average of 17 employment transitions in their working lifetime. They are likely to have occupations in up to five different sectors of the economy. Many will have a variety of concurrent work roles, and have regular planned and unplanned gaps from work. Preparing our youth for this world of work requires a new approach to career planning.

A Young Supporter

My son is a 6ft 3 bundle of ‘Supporter’ energy.

Did we know he was a supporter? No. He’s made it to head boy in his school and his charisma, engaging nature and ability to inspire people to use their potential, and his loving insight into people could have given it away, but we didn’t know…

Dynamo Joe – Success with TDYP.

Joe came out as a Creator profile, tons of Dynamo energy bursting to get out, a lively, high energy little boy, a pleasure to speak with.

His mum thought she knew him but after the debrief told me that she had learned so much more about him and was so proud of the answers that he gave to the questions I asked him.

She really felt that she understood him at a different level.