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The First of Its Kind in SA! This Online Career Assessment Tool Holds the Hidden Key to Building Your Dream Career

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Education is the ultimate key to life and career success and you won’t catch me arguing with that truth in this lifetime.  My parents drilled that into my head a long time ago and I’m sure yours did too. But from my experience in the working world, having a good education alone is no longer enough. I wrote about this in a recent post.

This quote by Napoleon Hill, from his best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich sums up my thoughts perfectly: “Knowledge [the kind we gain through education] is only potential power. It becomes power only when and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end”.


So how do you find a way to turn your knowledge into power and your power into success? According to the people at Talent Dynamics for Young People or TDYP, the key to building a successful career is being able to pair your knowledge with the ability to recognise, understand and articulate your natural work-related FLOW profile.

Rene Venter, the CEO of TDYP in South Africa had this to say about FLOW:

“FLOW is a state of being in which you are doing what you love, the activities come naturally to you, you are supremely focused, time flies and you are energised and motivated through loving what you are doing.  For young people heading into the world of work, identifying their natural path to FLOW is the most important and first crucial step in their career planning journey”. 

Just imagine what you’ll be able to achieve if you can quickly identify the kind of career and work you should be doing to keep yourself in a constant state of FLOW?

After taking their online assessment myself, I found that the TDYP system is the first assessment tool of its kind (in my experience, anyway) that provides practical insights into the type of activities and roles you need to be involved in, to create a sense of career fulfilment, excitement and happiness.

The actual assessment took no more than 10 minutes to complete and was followed by a comprehensive report and 60 minute debrief session. This wasn’t just a generic debrief though, this was a full-on coaching session that focused on my individual needs and goals and taught me exactly what I needed to be doing to activate and continuously follow my own FLOW.

But wait, there’s MORE…

Even though my briefing gave me a flood of ‘aha’ moments just from learning more about myself, the most amazing thing about TDYP is that they also tell you the exact type of profiles you should surround yourself with to keep you in your FLOW.  I learnt that because my profile loves connecting and interacting with big groups of people, I need to connect with a person that has a more hands-on profile that will help me find what I need, when I need it in order to ‘make BIG things happen’.

Oh and one more thing…

TDYP also provides excellent post-assessment support in the form of direct weekly messages to your phone and emails that coach you on the next steps you should be taking on your journey to life and career success.

I highly recommend the TDYP career assessment tool for young people and frankly anyone else looking for a way to invite more power and success into their careers. Take the test yourself and share your experience in the comments.


Coach K

You can book your assessment and debrief by calling Rene Venter on 082 717 4413.

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