The Debrief Consultation

Where the magic happens!

The Talent Dynamics for Young People Profile Test provides powerful insights and practical actions when accompanied by a one-to-one debrief session with an accredited Talent Dynamics for Young People Flow Consultant.

The process will show you your natural path whatever stage you’re at – school, college, workplace – and will guide you as you move forward, making life-decisions far more straightforward. Knowing your Talent Profile allows you to be who you are and to recognise your own route to success. In the report we include well-known personalities for each profile so you can relate to real-life role models. You will be fully aware of the ways that will work for you when it comes to learning, working and communicating, and equally vital, what won’t work. Knowing the Talent Profiles of friends and family is also a tremendously powerful tool because it allows you to understand how to bring out the best in them as well.

The Test and Debrief package includes: 

  1. The Talent Dynamics for Young People Profile Test
  2. The follow-up Profile Report
  3. A one-hour conversation with an accredited Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant either face-to-face, on the phone or via Skype.

This consultation will expand your understanding of the test results and it will show you the most natural activities at school and in life you should focus on to stay in flow.

Talent Dynamics for Young People has in-house accredited Talent Dynamics Flow and Performance Consultants who provide this service as part of our Testing process.   After you have taken the test, we will contact you to set up a Debrief Consultation.


I completed the Talent Dynamics test several years ago and through this process, I was able to understand what my strengths & talents were and use this to my advantage in business success. When I heard there was a Talent Dynamics for teens, I was excited for my teen son to take the test. Linden was an excellent facilitator and spoke to my son in a way that my son really understood what his talents were, how his best methods of studying were and what kinds of career positions my son would be most suited to. Essentially it  is about helping teens identify what their strengths & talents are and using these to their advantage in life. We left feeling confident about the future and how he can use his unique talents when it comes to making study & career choices after school.   Highly recommended!!

—Carol Hampshire

“I have gained valuable insight into the way Nicolas functions and can now put measures in place to help him get into flow, so that our lives can run a bit more smoothly.  My eldest son, Anthony, is 25 and has been trying out many different jobs and could find nothing to suit him.  He told me he was going to become a financial advisor with Sanlam and I was adamant that that was not the career for him. He doesn’t sit still for a minute, is very good with figures but hates office and paperwork, and is a real peoples person. He has been doing it for three months now and is thriving. After our chat, I now realize why. The bulk of his work is driving around and seeing different people in different places. He is clearly in flow doing this as he loves working with people and can sell ice to an Eskimo  in winter. The rest of the work is on computer and a minimum amount is paperwork.  So the majority of time he is in flow and when he isn’t he has a boss motivating him.”


—Vanessa Stathakis