Talent Dynamics is the Number One Business Development Tool for accelerating Trust and Flow in the workplace, leading to dramatic and measurable results at an individual, team and organisational level.


TRUST is a measure of how much value you bring to the table. If consumers trust your company, you will always have a place in the market: the higher the trust, the more sales you make, i.e. revenue.


FLOW is the natural effortless unfolding of our lives in a way that moves us towards wholeness and harmony. When we are in flow, occurrences seem to naturally line up, events fall into place, obstacles melt away and happiness reigns supreme.


Talent Dynamics allows an organisation to collaborate at an enterprise level, giving purpose and value to every individual in the team.

Profit and Productivity

Talent Dynamics is the system that empowers an organisation to grow its profit and productivity by measuring and increasing the trust and flow in its leaders and teams.

The Talent Dynamics Taster Session is a 2-hour group situation where you will:

  • learn just what Talent Dynamics is
  • learn your own Talent Dynamics profile
  • experience a taste of the benefits of implementing Talent Dynamics in a team and an organisation
  • leave with ideas and learnings you can implement straight away.

PRIOR to your session you will complete your own online Talent Dynamics Personality Profile so that you learn more about your individual profile at the Taster Session, and learn how you best work within a team.


The information presented in these taster sessions will be highly relevant for:

  • people development specialists
  • team managers
  • recruiters and human resource officers
  • executives and heads of organisations
  • business owners
  • coaches, consultants and trainers


There are two ways you can experience a Talent Dynamics Taster Session with SA Talent Dynamics:

  • Attend an event at our office – contact us to find out when the next Scheduled Taster Session will be held.
  • Organise a Taster Session at your venue of choice for a minimum of 10 people and a SA Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant will facilitate.

Understanding Primary Purpose – this is a one-day or series of one-day programs for your entire team to understand the principles of Talent Dynamics and how they apply to your corporation, beginning with Understanding Primary Purpose and how it links to value and leverage, trust and flow.

Meaningful, Measurable, Profitable Change (MMPC) – this three-day program is for enterprises wanting to build a powerful strategy that is scalable and very sustainable. Step Two allows the strategic team to create a fully functioning practical strategy. This three-day program can be run as three consecutive days or three days over the course of a month.


Full Integration Program - if your enterprise chooses to integrate Talent Dynamics fully into your organisation, the third step is to embark on a collective journey to transform your enterprise into a high-performing corporation centred on the principle of flow.