Special Offering: Profile and Consultation R1490. 

Reduced from R1970, a saving of R480.

Please note that to make use of the GIBS Event special pricing, you need to have completed payment by the 13th May, irrespective of which option you use.

GIBS Career Expo 2015 – TDYP  Profile and Consultation Opportunity

Congratulations on choosing to have a TDYP Profile and consultation.  You have two options for taking up this special offering.  Option 1 is Online with a credit card, with immediate access to the Profile Test and Report, and access to our online appointment calendars to choose your appointment time with one of our accredited consultants.  Appointments are subject to availability at the specific time, with a first come first service booking policy.  Option 2 is through requesting an invoice and banking details, and paying via EFT.

GIBS Event Option 1: Online Payment with Credit Card

Purchase and Complete the Talent Dynamics Test online with your credit card through PayPal. Click the button above, pay with your credit card, and you will be immediately transferred to our site to complete your test and download your report. Once you have completed your test we will send you an email link to book your debrief appointment. Note: As TDYP is an international system, PayPal will convert the R1490 into the equivalent in UK pounds (£81) to complete the automated payment process.


Option 2: Pay via EFT

Enter your information into the form below and we will send you an invoice for payment through EFT (internet banking). Once payment is confirmed, we will send you a link to take your test online and download your personal Talent Dynamics Report, and arrange to book your debrief appointment.

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