Radio Interview with Rene Venter, CEO of Talent Dynamics for Young People



SAfm’s Ashraf Garda chats to Rene Venter, CEO of Talent Dynamics for Young People about how young people can use Talent Dynamics to understand their own unique “flow” profile and how parents can support their children in making career choices.

Rene explains that now more than ever it is vital for young people to identify the roles and activities that are their natural strengths, and that will inspire them in a career.  These roles will stay the same, no matter if they shift from one industry to another, or change the direction of their career. 

Ashraf shares that many people approach him about a career in media, he explains that a dj, news reader, talk show host and a producer or a writer are all in the media but have very different personalities and strengths.

This is where Talent dynamics for Young People gives you the advantage.  It helps you discover your natural strengths and the roles and activities that will lead to Flow.

Listen to the exclusive SAfm Radio interview with Rene Venter.


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