Talent Dynamics and Khanya Matlala (Coach K)


“As a Trainer and Career Coach who has worked with young people for over 5 years, I’ve found that the biggest and most valuable gift to give a confused and disillusioned young person, is the gift of knowing themselves. Young people face a lot of pressures that most parents and adults are not always aware of. The fact is that most young people are masters at hiding their true feelings and fears in an effort to look strong and confident (not weak) to their peers, family members and eventually their employers. Working with Rene and her team, I’m so happy to have discovered a tool that promotes self-awareness to young people and uses that awareness to empower them to grow their confidence and perform at their peak.


Talent Dynamics for Young People reminds young people how truly special and unique they are. This also helps them work harder to distinguish themselves from everyone else. It is the only personality assessment I’ve come across that doesn’t only teach young people about who they are, but also teaches them how to use that knowledge to make the right career choices, improve their study methods, choose the right institution to study at and build a strong team of people to support them along the way.


Although I’ve always helped young people with goal setting and planning, working together with the Talent Dynamics for Young People team, I’m now confident that my coaching sessions will be even more powerful because young people will now come to me knowing exactly who they are, what makes them happy and can set better goals for their future because of that”.


Khanya Matlala

InnerLifeSkills (ILS) Youth Career Coach and Trainer

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