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Not Just a Self Awareness Test

A Talent Dynamics for Young People Profile combined with the 1-2-1 Debrief with one of our Flow Consultants has immediate strategy insights and practical actions for getting young people into flow.

Intuitive Concepts

The core concepts are immediately accessible. Young people feel as if “someone finally gets me”. It creates a deeper connection and sense of authentic understanding.

Accelerate Trust

By doing what we are designed to do we create high levels of trust with those around us. When young people are in flow, magic happens and making life-decisions become far more straightforward.

Path to the Future

When young people know their Talent Profile it allows them to be who they are and to recognise their own route to success.

I am delighted with the results for my 9 year old as he is feeling much more comfortable in his own skin! The TD process has been ideal (using online questions then followed up with a 1-1) and has given him the confidence to be happy as he is. Myself, I will definitely know which secondary school will have the ideal conditions to help him flourish.

—Helen Akiyama

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The Talent Dynamics Difference

Personality testing and personality training is well understood by many of us such as Myer-Briggs, Strength Finder and Disc profiling in one form or another. These profiling systems deliver reports that most agree with and personally find useful,  however it can be difficult to measure the impact of applying these tests.

The majority of profiling tests are based on Carl Jung’s work. Only Talent Dynamics uses the original unaltered source of Jung’s work as its base. This source is the 3,000 year old i-ching (pronounced ee–ching), which interprets the eight profiles and their relationship with each other, giving a possible 64 different combinations.

Talent Dynamics for Young People shows you the most natural activities in school and in life you should focus on to stay in flow. 

Developed in the UK, Talent Dynamics has rapidly grown into one of the most widely adopted profiling system being implemented by schools, youth coaches etc. to build trust and flow in young people. The reason for the success of this system is that it links both your strengths and weaknesses to your preferences, and then gives you clear role models and strategies to follow. It shares the very best of what other profiling systems like MBTI, DISC and Strength Finder have and delivers to you a system that is intuitive, relevant and easy to explain to others.

The biggest point of difference between Talent Dynamics and the other profiling tools on the market today is this:

Most profiling tools are great for building self awareness, leadership capability and EQ. Talent Dynamics is the only profiling system that does all of this and more importantly, has a direct impact on confidence and self-worth in young people.

Talent Dynamics gives young people the best way to communicate with other profiles to create great friendships and teams.



“Thank you for the 1 on 1feedback….it gave me insight into Michael’s personality, how he thinks and I’m excited that I know how best to study with him.”


—Adele West

Rene Venter, CEO Talent Dynamics for Young People

I have studied law for over 9 years and qualified with 3 degrees at the age of 30. Over the last 10 years practising law I lacked inspiration, passion and drive. The only time I truly came alive was when my daughter’s birthday was approaching. It was time to be creative in all aspects from the birthday cake, deciding on a theme to putting an outfit together.

It was only 4 years ago when I did my profile test when I realised I am in the wrong career.

My profile is a Creator, which means I am at my best when I create and I excel when I keep focusing on the big picture and the creative process through to the end result.  When I apply myself in this way I am in my flow!

I often resent the fact that my 7 year old daughter is growing up too quickly. At the same time I so want her to reach the age of 9 so that we can get her to do the test, for her to understand her natural path and to support her in her journey of growing up. I love what Talent Dynamics offer our young people! 


What is covered in the Talent Dynamics Profile Results


Your Talent Dynamics Profile

This shows you the most natural activities young people should focus on to stay in flow.

Role Models

Which famous role models young people should study and learn from that share their profile.

Strengths and Weaknesses

What gets young people into flow. What are distractions and what are opportunities.


How to Create Value

How young people should channel their strengths in a way that the world responds favorably to.

Talent Frequency breakdown

So young people can see their balance of energy and understand why they do what they do.

Value to Own

How to take even small amounts of value and get it into the hands of many. Roles to increase / destroy trust and flow.

What does the Talent Dynamics Test Look Like?

How to understand the Talent Dynamics square

The Talent Dynamics Square illustrates the relationship between the eight Talent Profiles. Each of us has our own flow, which links our dreams to our reality. The square shows the two opposites in the way we think and the way we act. Some of us think more with our ‘Head in the clouds’, are more ‘creative’ and depend on our imagination. This is the ‘Dynamo’ energy at the top of the square. Some of us think more with our ‘Ear to the ground’, and are more ‘sensory’, depending on what we see around us. This is the ‘Tempo’ energy at the base of the square.

Some of us react more to other people and are extrovert. This is the ‘Blaze’ energy on the right side. Some of us act more through data, and are introvert. This is the ‘Steel’ energy on the left side.

The eight Talent Profiles fit around the square, each with a different balance of natural thinking and acting. You will find everyone you know has a profile and a natural path to success. These four energies are also related to the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.


The Debrief Session

An intergral part of the Talent Dynamics process is the one on one Debrief Session after you have taken the test.

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What Profile are You?

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