The Talent Dynamics Assessment Tool for Young People

An Assessment tool supporting Young People to make Career and study choices, identify their natural gifts, and develop confidence and self esteem.

Time to Start Thinking about Career Choices?

The Good news is that the world of work is changing.  Choosing a career is no longer a once off event.  Your generation is entering a time in which people shift jobs regularly, where new kinds of jobs are being created all the time, and you are encouraged, and often required, to seek work that makes you happy. 

Employers are requiring that new employees will be in ‘Flow’ as there are direct links between innovation, productivity and your level of satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Now more than ever it is vital for you to identify the roles and activities that are your natural strengths, and that will inspire you in your career.  These roles will stay the same, no matter if you shift from one industry to another, or change the direction of your career. 

You may love creating new things, or love networking and engaging with people.  Or prefer to figure out the systems or work through the numbers.  Once you know the activities and roles that will bring you success, you can choose the industry or direction in which to apply them.  

The First Step to building a career in the new world of work is to find out your natural strengths, and the roles and activities that will lead to you being in Flow. This is the Talent Dynamics for Young People advantage.

What Does Talent Dyamics For Young People Assemssement Give You?


Find the Path that suits you best.  Follow it and feel lighter, happier and more confident about who you are.


Your path to success is not the same as everyone else. Know your path and recognise your own route to success.


Flow means doing what you love to do and in a way that feels easy – because it is what you do naturally.

Be You

Get permission to just be yourself (not that you need it!)  And realise that there is no better way to be.

The Talent Dynamics for Young People Assessment Process

An accredited TDYP Consultant will support you through the Assessment.  The first part of the process is an online assessment tool that you complete to identify your TDYP profile.  Your Profile Report will be immediately available for download.

Once you have completed the online assessment, you will connect with your TDYP consultant to go through the report and identify your own unique career strategy and path.

START by finding a TDYP Assessment consultant now, and contact them directly with the details provided.

Which Profile Are You?


Visionary; imaginative: inventive: creative; optimistic (always looking on the bright side); stimulating; able to inspire others; can multitask, having lots of things on the go at the same time; quick to get results; great at getting things started.


Creative; outgoing; able to motivate and inspire others; quick to make friends; holds the stage; high energy and knows how to have fun.


Completing things, finding ways to improve systems, making things simpler, tying up the loose ends in a project, paying attention to details.


Balanced, observant, down-to-earth and grounded and always clear about what is fair. Takes time to get to know people, gets to the point, and often sees things that other people miss.


Outgoing, entertaining, approachable, easy to talk to, listening to others, always connecting people, quick to see opportunities, always in conversation.


Cautious, organised, very detailed, analyses every situation, sees many details that others miss, only comfortable when everything is covered.


Focused on making and keeping friends; building confidence in others; able to lead; able to follow; enjoys team building; enjoys meeting new people, loyal to the team.


Reliable, careful, delivers on time, organised, looks for a time and place for everything, sees what can go wrong, keeps the team together.

Talent Dynamics for Young People - Find Your Flow

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Coach K on Talent Dynamics for Young People.

Education is the ultimate key to life and career success and you won’t catch me arguing with that truth in this lifetime. My parents drilled that into my head a long time ago and I’m sure yours did too. But from my experience in the working world, having a good education alone is no longer enough.


Know your profile so that YOU CAN:
  • understand how you relate to people, and be comfortable with who you are around others
  • know what your strengths are, and understand why some things come naturally to you
  • give yourself permission to focus on your strengths
  • see a path forward into your life that excites you and leads to success


Be Your Own Superhero

One of the best ways to think about the T.D.Y.P. profile is to compare it to superhero’s.

Superman has a bunch of stuff he can do, and does it well!

Spiderman has a different bunch of stuff he can do.

Now just imagine if Superman spent all his time trying to shoot spider webs out his hands.  Not only would it not work, but he would look real silly standing there trying to do it.

Same with all of us.  Find your superpower, and play that game.  Stop trying to play the game of your best friends, the other young people you see around you or the way people tell you you SHOULD BE.

Quite simple: Be your own Superhero.